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Business Models


Ad-Hoc development

We can taylor the best possible solution for you by studying the system involved, in order to develop Ad-Hoc solutions or simply choose from a great variety of functional materials already in our hands.

R & D Partnerships

We engage in mid and long term research projects, in association with all kinds of stakeholders. (private & public) in Brazil and abroad.


Prototype Scale Up

You are a scientist or inventor in our field, and you want to scale up a bench scale prototype of your (group or institution) property. We are  in a position to offer you the possibility to scale up your production and even bring it to Market. We are always open to discuss transparently all sorts of new ventures.

Business Model: Services

Advice & Services

  • Geological research 

  • Mineral characterization 

  • Product development 

  • Mineral processing 

  • Everything about clays!

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Direct Investment

ARGILOS is not an open capital company. However, we are currently rising funds to complete our high-tech industrial facility, scale-up, and go to market!

Business Model: Services
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