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We Play with Clay!

Argilos is a startup, which develops sustainable solutions based on clays & clay minerals in their natural state, purified, synthetic, or functionalized. 


Our technologies contribute directly to SDG's

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argilos  is a startup, which develops sustainable solutions based on clays & clay minerals. We interact in many ways with research centers, universities, local authorities, and private companies, establishing cooperative R & D projects. We are undergoing the installation of a versatile mineral processing facility to scale-up production based on our own novel methods and local specialty clays.​
In the early stages of the project, a thorough applied characterization was carried out to most available specialty clay sources within the MERCOSUR region with particular emphasis on Bentonites, along with an extensive field campaign to guarantee first-hand sampling, networking, and even strategic alliances with clay suppliers.​

Today we have a clear map of accessible, high-quality raw materials and they’re potential applications, counting more than 30 possible sources for Ca, Na and Mg-bentonites, Zeolites, diatomites, Perlite, Kaolinite, Palygorskite & more. We focus on the type of applications in which clays' role is to substitute less environmentally friendly products, innovative solutions, and ad-hoc developments by means of Tailoring our functional materials.​

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Rua do lago 250, cidade universitaria USP- Butanta, Sao Paulo


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